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Modax (IranHanger)

More than 5 years of experience in the production of hangers and woodworkers, Modax is currently one of the largest manufacturers of wood and hangers. We have built a broad set of industry relationships with customers.

Custom woodworking

MODX can deliver products to its customers using the best materials for designing hangers and creating a high quality product, using standard designs and specifications.

Fast delivery of hangers

Medax operates effectively and understands the needs of customers and their needs for woodwork ordering. 7-day delivery speed and product delivery guarantee our work, saving customers time and money.

Fast service experience

Modax has fast production experience that our customers need to fulfill their orders fast. Our facilities are efficient and responsive and pay close attention to our overall customer experience

Modax honors

Modex has a Thank You Tablet for Iran's Third International Apparel Exhibition in 2015 at Tehran International Permanent Exhibition Center.